Thursday, 23 July 2015

List of Value Electronics TV Shootout Winners

I just heard about an interesting annual event that somehow had passed me by for over ten years. It's Value Electronics TV shootout, which invites a group of expert TV calibrators and fans to judge the best of that years new models. I wondered where I could find a list of previous winners and results and to my surprise there was no list, so I decided to create one here for anyone like me who was curious. It's not a definitive guide since only new models are being judged so the winner in each year may not be the best TV you can currently buy and only a handful of models are judged.

To start with, here are some links to the results, I'll return later to incorporate everything them into this article.


Obedient House

I can't remember Windows Defender ever popping up to tell me it's detected a threat so I was surprised when it just did. Apparently I had a trojan called "Python/Blakamba.gen!". What was odd was it installed itself in a directory called program files/obedient house. This trojan seems to have only been discovered today which is perhaps why I can't find any mention of it on google but I'm confused as to how I got it because normally I'm very careful

Update: It seems like the folder name is variable, see comments for other variations.

I use Firefox and was watching a video on the BBC news website when Windows Defender alerted me.